Receive a free ABC Empathy package

The Czepczynski Family Foundation team has been involved in supporting educational activities carried out in kindergartens and elementary schools for more than 2 years, mainly through its flagship projects ABC of Economics (economic and financial education) and ABC of Empathy (building the right attitudes between children without disabilities and children with disabilities).

ABC of Empathy is a dream come true for CFF founder Artur Czepczynski, who decided to equip 1,000 municipalities in Poland (one public educational institution in each municipality) with this project from the foundation’s statutory funds.

Free ABC Empathy package in 1000 Polish municipalities

In order to receive a free-of-charge package of educational materials with a net value of PLN 2,400.00, it is enough to arrange an online meeting of the foundation with the official in charge of the education area (e.g. mayor/deputy mayor, mayor/vice-mayor, president/vice-president).

Here you will find a one-page document with the basics of our proposal.

How to get the package in 4 steps?

  1. Contact us to make sure that your municipality has not already received a package from us (write a message with the name of the municipality to:
  2. Once you have received the “green light” for action, contact the office and ask for 2 dates for an online meeting.
  3. We will confirm your appointment date and generate a link to connect on any platform.
  4. We will meet with the office, and you will enjoy ABC Empathy educational materials, which we will send to the educational institution (public kindergarten or elementary school) right after the meeting!

What does the ABC of Empathy package include?

The free ABC Empathy package that we will give to the facility includes:

  1. 30 books “ABCs of empathy, for we are all the same”
  2. package for teachers: 3 books, a binder with a “Teacher’s Guide” (a handful of information on the diseases and conditions discussed, linguistic savoir-vivre, tips for workshops, worksheets for students)
  3. Online materials with video training

If you have any questions, the foundation’s team is available to help:

+48 95 748 99 34 |