Our team is made up of teachers, educators and therapists, although not only. Most of all, we are great friends. We like to think we have an original sense of humour, along with unlimited creativity and an endless enthusiasm for our work. We are proof that good relationships can have a good effect on the quality of work of our entire team. That’s us!


Damian Kupczyk

President of the Foundation. An interesting guy! Children’s therapist, educationalist, tutor. Nobody can match his ability to naturally transform difficult theoretical knowledge into simple language full of real-life anecdotes. Someone once said of him that he talks like a politician – and there may be something to this. Incredibly well-read and intelligent, he is also someone who will help anyone in any situation, wearing his heart on his sleeve. For him there is no problem that cannot be solved. Damian is the most colourful character of our team. A bald man with a beard – that’s him!

Working as an occupational therapist and personal budgeting trainer for adults with disabilities, Damian has many years of professional experience. As a child therapist, he has also been deeply involved in conducting sociotherapy to individuals, as well as supporting the development of pupils in primary schools.

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Irena Ranosz-Talarek

Experience is her middle name! 35 years of working with children from grades 1-3 of primary school is quite an achievement. A real treasury of knowledge on the topics of development and education of children – these are her main areas of expertise and interest. Privately, a mother of two teenagers and a lover of ginger cats – Shrek and Fiona. Irena is also a lover of music and poetry – especially by Pawlikowska-Jasnorzewska.

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Margareta Przybyła

A woman who proves every day that go-getting, diligence and elegance are truly feminine attributes. She lives in Brussels, where she acts as an Adviser for European Affairs, and at the same time promotes our projects by looking for partners for cooperation in other EU countries. A freelancer, mother, Euro-enthusiast. She believes in the power of education as a springboard to a better future!

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Paweł Kaczmarczyk PhD

If a smile could be personalized, it would look just like Paweł! Eloquence, chic, commitment – all wrapped up in a cloak of endless calm. He is definitely the most peaceful member of the Foundation, although, as we all know, still waters…!  Contacts, meetings, conferences – this is his whole world. Meet Paweł!

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Izabela Tałałaj

Queen of comumunication and social media. What would we do without her? Thanks to her experience and constantly improving knowlege, our media works flawlessly! We’ll also reveal a secretshe has a flair for writing, adoresFriends”, coffee, and pasta… yes! An incredibly friendly, warm, and joyful soul without whom our team wouldn’t be so cohesive! Psst! We won’t give her up to anyone  

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Urszula Adamska

She began her educational journey working in a nursery, later in a kindergarten, primary school, and even in a high school. A teacher of rhythm, music, and art.  

She loves looking at the night sky, especially with a guitar or ukulele in hand. Happily in love with her husband and Krakow. 

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CFF nauczycielka edukacja wczesnoszkolna ABC Empatii
Natalia Saniewska-Fiuk, Czepczyński Family Foundation

Natalia Saniewska-Fiuk

Portugal, travelling and continuous learning are what make up her life. She appreciates an open mind, tolerance, and ambition. A promoter of Polish culture in Portugal and Portuguese culture in Poland. Natalia, our coordinator of international projects, brightens up every meeting with her radiant smile! She has brought a breath of Iberian freshness and a new perspective on the world. Privately, she is a mother of three lovely children, a homeschooling enthusiast, and a kind-hearted soul. She believes in the power of education as a springboard to a better future!

#Portuguese #English #homeeducation

Beata Stelmach

Experience, class, eloquence, management, economics. A role model for women and beyond! Not long ago, she was the promoter of the Polish economy worldwide in the role of… deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs. A fulfilled successful woman, a happy mother and a wife. Tremendous value for the CFF team!

#board advisor #management #economics #business

Alicja Sillmann

Germany – check. Swedencheck. Now? She lives in Poland, and all her foreign experience and mastered languages translate into our international contacts, excellent translations, and promotion of projects in Europe. Privately? A mother of two and a horse riding instructor. But that’s not all you should know about her! She is a proud member of Rotary Gorzów Wlkp., where she is very active. Warm, helpful, and always with a heart on her sleeve  

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Marzena Mikosz

Jazz, opera, art. Add a handful of PR and organization, and you get Marzena! She offers advice and suggestions, guides, comments, and creates something out of nothing. Sending us a breath of fresh air from picturesque Switzerland, pushing the Foundation to ever higher peaks. Meet Marzena – International Development Coordinator!

#development #international projects #culture

Mateusz Kaczmarczyk, Czepczyński Family Foundation

Mateusz Kaczmarczyk

A jack of all trades! He organizes, supervises, and gets things done! Always reliable and responsible. He combines work and studies with tremendous flexibility – after all, he is a management student. We appreciate his energy, assertiveness, support, and composure. Privately, he is a lover of all kinds of physical activities, with a special passion for soccer. When he was a child, he declared that it was better to read a dictionary than books. We have a feeling that we have a very valuable newcomer developing in our team!

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Jarosław Kruszka

A citizen of the world. Where hasn’t he been? Whom doesn’t he know? Marketing? PR? He knows it inside out. Privately? Guitar and vocal – that’s his thing! Ukrainian rock is his vibe. The life of the party, a good advice-giving uncledefinitely our favourite mentor!

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Eryk Czepczyński CFF

Eryk Czepczyński

The main character of “ABC of Empathy, because we are all the same.” He participates in the ABC of Empathy workshops, explaining to children how a person with hearing impairment functions, answers questions, and gives autographs.  

In the office, he spreads his positive energy and always offers good motivational advice. 

# ABC-Empathy # workshops

Krystyna Baj-Pawluk

Is retirement just crosswords and TV? Not at all! What a woman! What energy! What creativity! There’s nothing she can’t handle or think of! A member of Rotary Gorzów Wlkp., very active and true to the Rotary motto – “Service above self-interest.” That’s Krysia in a nutshell. Wife, mother, grandmother. What does she say about herself? Crazy! Such energy fits perfectly with our team, right 

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Wiktor Czepczyński

Co-author of ‘ABC of Economics, or First Steps in the World of Finance’ and ‘ABC of Empathy, Because We Are All the Same’ – IT student and eldest son of the Czepczyński family. We will certainly be hearing more from him in the future.

#ABC-Empathy #student #author #ABC-Economics

Żaneta Kupczyk

Co-author of ‘ABC of Economics, or first steps in the world of finance’ and “ABC of Empathy, because we are all the same”, teacher of preschool and early childhood education, oligophrenic pedagogist, and teacher of Polish and history. Extremely conscientious, precise and hardworking. In love with cats and books. Privately, wife to Damian and mother of their lovely daughter Wiktoria.

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Katarzyna Muzyka-Jacheć

Co-author of “ABC of Empathy, because we are all the same.” An unconventional mother, with a flow and music not only in her soul. 

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