The educational projects conducted by CFF are directed mainly to teachers of pre-school and early childhood education. The value of our activities has been recognised by the Wielkopolska Superintendent of Education, who awarded ‘ABC of Economics’ with the title of educational innovation in the 2018/2019 pilot year. By joining our educational projects, teachers can promote their development and enrich their achievements, something which is vital for professional development.

Our projects are prepared in a way that is accessible to teachers, i.e. they are not subject to unnecessary paperwork or additional work after school hours. The Foundation is made up of teachers who know and understand the realities of Polish education, so we have made every effort to ensure that the projects are as compact, useful and friendly to both teachers and students as possible.

Lesson scenarios, worksheets and additional materials have allbeen created in such a way that every teacher is able to conduct workshops without any additional materials.

ABC-Ekonomii-karty pracy

Warsaw kindergarten joins the ‘ABC of Economics’ project

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The Czepczyński Family Foundation runs free training webinars, organized in the form of live broadcasts on Facebook. By participating in our training courses, teachers can obtain a certificate useful for their professional development and achievements.

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