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The Czepczyński Family Foundation cooperates closely with the business world, as a useful partner in the implementation of CSR policies and marketing activities. Our projects are not only limited to the participation of educational institutions, but of businesses too. Businesses have already been taking an active part in the implementation of our ‘ABC of Economics’ project, and our partners include Deloitte, EY, Lewiatan Confederation, FBN, CCC and many others.

Today, more and more companies are interested in the development of a Corporate Social Responsibility policy. Our projects perfectly fit into this trend for social initiatives in business, and can be implemented on a local, national or international scale.

If your company is looking for a CSR, educational or social project that could be implemented throughout the organisation,  within a local community or sponsored by educational institutions – please contact us.

See how you can use our projects as part of your company’s CSR policy:

Become a sponsor of any selected learning establishment, as in the example of Renex:

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