Through the education of the youngest, the project aims to eliminate barriers and stereotypes related to people with disabilities, as well as to change thinking and negative attitudes.

Number of institutions equipped with the ABC of Empathy

Project assumptions

  • showing a world in which all children deserve the same treatment, regardless of their health condition
  • explaining in the language of the child what various disabilities and diseases are and explaining the differences in everyday functioning related to them
  • sensitizing children to other than their own health condition
  • shaping positive attitudes among children and their parents
  • methodological support for teachers, tutors, carers and equipping them with valuable educational materials
  • support for parents and carers by providing them with a tool to talk to children
  • establishing long-term cooperation with organizations, foundations and associations operating in the field of disability

Wiktor Czepczyński about the creation of ABC of Empathy

The project consists of the book “ABC of empathy, for we are all the same” written by Wiktor Czepczyński, Żaneta Kupczyk and Katarzyna Muzyka-Jacheć. The book is a continuation of the adventures of Zosia and Maks already known to children from “ABC Economy…”.

The protagonists, a year older, as first-graders, experience unusual situations from which they learn important life lessons. They meet colleagues who face disabilities and illnesses. New relationships and experiences teach our young heroes empathy and tolerance.


In addition, the project includes a methodological guide for the teacher, containing practical tips, suggestions for group games, student worksheets or linguistic savoir vivre related to a given disease. All tools have been consulted and prepared in cooperation with social organizations specializing in specific disabilities or diseases (e.g. Anna Dymna Foundation “Mimo Dobrze”, AVALON Foundation, Autyzm UP Foundation, Polish Association of the Blind).

ABC of Empathy is one of Artur Czepczyński’s greatest dreams, which is why, together with the foundation’s management board, he decided to equip 1,000 municipalities in Poland (one public educational institution in each municipality) with the project from the foundation’s statutory funds

In order to receive a package of educational materials completely free of charge, it is enough to organize a short internet meeting of the CFF with the person managing the office responsible for the area of education (e.g. mayor/deputy mayor, mayor/vice-mayor, president/vice-mayor).

You can find out more about it here.

Katarzyna Muzyka-Jacheć about the ABC Empathy project

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Artur Czepczyński on the goals of the ABC Empathy project

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