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Artur Czepczyński’s original project aimed at promoting economic education to children – preschoolers (5 and 6- years old) and primary school students (grades 1-3).

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Aims of the project:

  • to increase knowledge and skills of children and teenagers related to issues concerning economics, finance and entrepreneurship
  • methodological support for teachers and educators, equipping them with valuable educational materials
  • substantive and methodological support for parents who want to educate their children about economics and finance
  • to forge relationships with people from the business world who want to support the implementation of the ABC-Economics project and promote economic education in society
  • to establish fruitful and long-term cooperation between entrepreneurs and organisations running educational institutions and schools
  • to inspire the Ministries of National Education to modify and expand content related to economic and financial education contained in core curriculums of general education

The success of the ‘ABC of Economics’ project has made us realize how much public interest there is in economic education, which has so far been pushed down in the list of priorities in our education systems.

Becoming so aware of the important role that economic and financial issues should play in educating new generations, we have decided to go that one step further in our educational activities.

As part of the project, we have created a book; ‘ABC of Economics, or First Steps in the World of Finance’ dedicated to preschoolers (5 and 6-year-olds) and students from grades 1-3. The co-authors are Wiktor Czepczyński and Żaneta Kupczyk.

The book contains 12 stories, each of which deals with a different topic from the world of economics and finance. Children, together with the main characters – Zosia and Max –  learn the answers to troublesome questions such as, for example; what is money, where does it come from and why does it not come from an ATM? What are we working for and what professions can you have? What is a home budget, what does it mean to save, and who is a volunteer?

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Artur Czepczyński on the essence of financial education for children:

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ABC of economics, first steps in the world of finance

ABC of economics, first steps in the world of finance

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