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For local governments

Any organisations running or supervising kindergartens and primary schools can take an active part in our aim to disseminate financial education, by equipping their institutions with our educational packages, so providing their teaching staff with suitable tools for conducting workshops on this subject with children.

Many cities and municipalities have already started cooperation with us and are providing education on economics to children in their region. We encourage you to watch the report on cooperation with the City of Gdańsk, which was the first area to provide all of its public kindergartens with our ‘ABC of Economics’ educational packages.

The City of Gdańsk introducing our ‘ABC of Economics’ program to its kindergartens

The project may be financed from funds allocated for the professional development of staff, but also from community promotion funds. We always brand the packages that have ben purchased with the local community’s logo, which means the materials can be used for promotional and PR purposes. In this way, local community leaders can become the faces of ‘ABC of Economics’ in their community, and be seen to be taking an active part in implementation of the project.

Our ‘ABC of Economics’ project is extremely flexible. The Foundation does not confine our cooperation to any one type of organisation and does not require the submission of formal project documentation. The method of implementation of the project is entrusted to the local community organisation itself.

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