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The Czepczyński Family Foundation is a dream come true for Justyna and Artur Czepczyński, entrepreneurs and parents of three children: Wiktor, Eryk and Zosia. They are familiar with the world of business, but it is not the only area where they are active. Growing up under the watchful eye of his father – a long-time director of his local school – Artur knows very well the realities of the Polish education system. And as a businessman, connecting the two worlds of business and education, he strives to improve the quality and accessibility of education for all children.

The founders are illustrating how it is possible – and even necessary – to start education about economics from as early as pre-school.

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The final area of activity, no less important for the Czepczyński family, is health care, focusing particularly on people with disabilities. As parents of a hearing-impaired child, who has had to go through numerous operations, they have experienced many situations that have forged in them a need to educate children – and their parents – about empathy and tolerance.

Artur Czepczyński on establishing foundation

The work of the Foundation is two-fold; to create a social impact in education and therapy. Through our projects we aim to change the face of educational activities, by adapting them to the real needs of students.

Apart from our work aimed at changing the face of education itself, we also aim to change the living environment for the functioning and development of people with disabilities. This is why we have also set ourselves the goal to try to eliminate any barriers and stereotypes related to people with disabilities.

We aim to achieve the goals we have set ourselves through journalistic and informative activities, educational work and research, and organizing lessons, workshops, trainings and conferences. We also support educational and cultural institutions by supplying them with useful tools and materials related to education, child-care and upbringing.

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